Friday, November 16, 2012

Henry's Express 11-03-2012

Location: 331 Henry St.
Time: 9am

Feelings: Located in between two amazing eateries, Hibino and Henry Public, Henry's Express is a reliable, no-fuss deli. There is limited counter seating, but at this Korean influenced spot, you can expect to take out some tasty breakfast sandwiches, philly cheese steak heroes, burgers as well as Korean dishes like bulgogi and bi bim bap. Coffee is never burnt or weak and far cheaper than the designer coffee shops in the area. The service is also quite efficient and very friendly. Upon RB's second time visit at this joint, the man behind the counter already knew what he was ordering. Either they are incredibly competent or RB left them some alluring, lasting impression.

My favorite, egg whites and tomatoes on whole wheat, is a perfect Saturday morning breakfast. The eggs are fluffy and perfectly cooked, and the tomatoes are superbly fresh. The exciting part is that their sandwiches come already well seasoned and flavored, so you really don't need to add anything unlike many delis.

Henry's Express is a simple place, mainly popular among the hospital workers across the street. But this is definitely a neighborhood staple, and it is refreshing to see an uncomplicated and tasty local place in this all-too-often posh and modern Cobble Hill.

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