Monday, November 19, 2012

Taiwanese Specialties 11-13-2012

Location: 8402 Broadway, Elmhurst
Time: 7:30pm
People: 10 Ramen and Friends: ALev, Yasmin, Deborah, MGill, Jill, Kavie, RoRo, Alexis, RB and myself

Feelings: The winner of the best Taiwanese in the Village Voice 2011, Taiwanese Specialties, formerly known as David's Taiwanese Gourmet serves nothing but that. There is a vast number of authentic Taiwanese foods on the menu, including an ambitious variety of offal dishes.

While the excited friends tried everything from pig's stomach soup ($5.25) to intestine dishes, the pungent aroma of the stinky tofu (fermented tofu) hit our senses hard. "This tastes like the F train," I said, and the others agreed. It was perhaps closer to the G train around 2am. Even as a natto lover, I could not bring myself to fully enjoy this distinct smell. Later ALev mentioned that it in fact tastes much better with the generous amount of sauce and garnish.

They featured many dishes over rice , and considering the brisk weather, hot pots seemed to be very popular among other patrons. Shredded pork and pork chops satisfied everyone at our table, but vegetarian dishes are almost nonexistent at this place. The house special rice cake ($6.25), which was of course accompanied by plenty of pork, was delicious and well flavored. I usually pick out non meat elements from meat involved dishes, but it was incredibly difficult to do so here since every dish had more than little meat. Meat lovers, rejoice! Vegetarians may want to stay clear of this place unless you enjoy licking the floor of the F train.

Reasonable prices, big portions, and fast service keep this place always busy. Taiwanese Specialties seems to be yet another reason for a visit in Elmhurst.


ALev said...

Much like the G Train, the stinky tofu grows on you.

Yosh. O said...

Indeed. There is something about the G train...