Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Muenster 06-23-2012

Location: 100 Stanton St.
Time: 3pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: "Super Fancy Grilled Cheese" is the tagline of this quaint grilled cheezery, located in front of Arlene's Grocery in the LES. Under the cheese grater chandelier, you can enjoy their tantalizing gourmet grilled cheese with a size of sweet potato chips, all presented in a charming wooden box tray.

The flavor combination of the menu is inspired by various pasta dishes, which makes these essentially ordinary sandwiches sensationally fancy. My "Taleggio/Fontina/Crimini &Shiitake Mushroom" sandwich ($9.25 with chips) was executed to perfection. The consistency of bread was evenly buttery and crusty while gently supporting the gooey melting cheese in between. I wished for some acidic flavor from this dish since the combination of cheese, bread and mushroom created the same note. Later I found out that there is  tomato soup ($2.50 small, $4.50 large) is available to accompany this cheesily tasty sandwich.

RB's "Merguez sausage/Ricotta Gremolata/Fontina/Fried Capers" sandwich ($9.25 with chips) was equally as pleasant, however RB wished it had a bit of heat. He noticed after he finished that they offered several hot sauces by the napkins. RB and I really need to pay better attention to things.

Little Muenster is a perfect addition in this neighborhood. It is open until 4am on weekends for the bar crowds, and adorable atmosphere welcomes both hungry kids and adults alike under the daylight. Although the star of this joint is the sandwich, salad and soup are available as well as beer, cookies and bread pudding. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available at an additional cost. It is slightly overpriced considering there is no wait service, but this is SUPER fancy grilled cheese, after all.


Trish said...

Mmm... these sandwiches sound so yummy! I'll have to try them next time I'm in the area.

Yosh. O said...

Indeed tasty!!!