Friday, October 26, 2012

Ni Japanese Delicacies 09-13-2012

Location: 120 Essex St. in the Essex Street Market
Time: 1pm

Feelings: It is incredibly difficult to find this exceptionally small Japanese deli, located inside of the Essex Street Market. Heck, it is difficult to find anything inside the Essex Street Market. But in this sea of meat and cheese that is the Market, there is an oasis conveniently located next to the delicious Greek food stand, Boubouki. How convenient!

It is rather difficult to decide what to get at this amazing little take out joint, superbly run by some modest Japanese folks. In the vicinity of the small area, I feel like I am right back in Japan. From rice balls, sushi to bento and sandwiches, every dish is made and treated with care. Most dishes are something you would see at every Japanese home--very healthy with vegetable heavy menu, but each has a quite powerful essence of umami. With high quality ingredients, $10 for a bento box is quite a great deal.

If you are skeptical with authentic Japanese home cooking (but then you're not a true New Yorker!), they have an alley of simple yet interesting veggie sandwiches.

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