Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Come Buy 08-24-2012

Location: 251 5th Ave.
Time: 1pm
People: Effie and myself

Feelings: "Come Buy," the Taiwanese bubble tea chain opened its first Manhattan branch in early summer just north of Madison Square Park and Eataly. There are already Come Buy branches in Queens as well as all over the world, serving this delicious Taiwanese masterpiece. It is time Manhattan gets a proper boba tea shop straight from Taiwan.

The cafe is very clean and minimalist and resembles a lot of fast food chains in Taiwan and Japan. The service is courteous, and the lovely lady we spoke to came directly from Taiwan for the branch opening. I hope these ladies will stay here and continue to provide the best service. I would hate to see them succumb to a similar fate as Cafe Bene and Pie Face. Both were fantastic spots when the wonderfully enthusiastic workers from Korea and Australia were running the shows during the opening, trying to introduce what they believed in. As soon as they left, it was back to just another cafe in NYC.

My cold Dongding Oolong Tea ($2.75) was refreshing and sweet. I later found out that you can adjust the sweetness and caffeine level. Considering I'm from Japan where you add no sugar in any Asian tea, I would have loved to have my oolong without any sweetness. They asked if I wanted to add any tapioca, but after reading about recent controversies, I stayed clear of those tasty pearls. A tray full of handmade and natural doughnuts from DOUGH in Brooklyn can be found here as well.

Come Buy is a great addition in this neighborhood. The tourists on their way to Flatiron building would enjoy this little tea oasis, and if Eataly makes you claustrophobic, calm and inviting Come Buy will give you a moment of delicious enjoyment.

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