Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Bottle Coffee Rockefeller Center 03-26-2012

Location: 1 Rockefeller Plaza, Use the building entrance near 49th and 5th, go downstairs to the concourse area. It's located right by 'wichcraft and ladies' bathroom. Good luck finding this place! Also cash only.
Time: 1pm
People: Effie and myself

Feelings: With my first sip of Blue Bottle coffee at the Rockaway Beach last year, I was hooked. Now conveniently, this San Francisco based coffee company opened a Midtown location, inside the Rockefeller Center concourse level. I usually avoid the concourse level since I get lost and the floor makes me slip like a seal with 6 inch heels. But for the made to order quality coffee, I would go extra miles.

This sleek and small space has two separate sections with separate registers, which confused us. Although we were unsure where to stand, we managed to successfully place the order with cute and friendly staff. It was such an experience to see the beautiful line of pour-over coffees. The baristas here really take pride in their work, creating an artful cup of coffee one cup at the time. The ever so smooth flavor really makes you appreciate everything that went into this cup.

Since tourists tend to go over to Starbucks also located on the concourse level, Blue Bottle still has a feel of a little hidden gem. Welcome to Midtown, Blue Bottle! I'll be seeing you a lot this summer over New Orleans' style chicory iced coffee.


Anonymous said...

Good news! They take credit cards now, so you have no excuse.

Yosh. O said...

Great news indeed!! thank YOU. see you there.