Monday, April 16, 2012

Boka 04-13-2012

Location: 9 St. Marks. Pl.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: My mother always said straight men cannot live without at least one of these vices: Women, gambling, shopping, or alcohol. Some men certainly have a gambling craving. Some men like Don Draper have all the thirst and hunger for women and power. My life partner, RB, too has some hunger and cravings...for addictive Bon Chon Chicken.

It is difficult for RB to take a long lunch break, so waiting for 30 minutes at Bon Chon Chicken in K-Town is out of the question. We discovered Boka, a cute, low-key Korean spot on St. Marks next to Udon West that serves Bon Chon Chicken without any wait.

The place was packed with Korean customers, but the service was prompt, and we were able to finish our lunch in less than 30 minutes. My Tofu Bi Bim Bob ($11.75, with vegetables, egg, and tofu) was fresh and voluminous, although a pretty straight forward dish.

RB said the key to the successful Bon Chon is getting half and halfs -- half drumsticks and half wings with mixed soy garlic sauce and hot sauce. As RB bit into the chicken, the crunchy, Kit-Kat commercial-like sound effects echoed in my ears. I will from now on call Bon Chon Chiken, Kit Kat chicken. He thought they were superbly crispy and very flavorful. He was amazed how unmessy and rather light the whole experience was.

Ever since our outing at Boka, RB will not stop talking about these Kit Kat sound producing chicken. When I wear outfits he likes, he even says, "You look great. You remind me of crispy Bon Chon." I will have to let my mother know that she left off one vice: Korean chicken.


kim said...

Oh trust me, KK chicken is a healthier vice for your man to have. :) You're so lucky, hee. I haven't been to Boka. That veggie bowl looks hearty, but a bit pricey though...

Enjoying the fine weather?

Yosh. O said...

Haha! It is a bit pricey, but it's huuuge so well worth it :)

BLee said...

I love how fast Korean food is!