Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt 04-05-2012

Feelings: Greek yogurt has quickly become a breakfast and snack staple. When Dannon released their version with tongue and cheek ads starring John Stamos, you had to admit Greek yogurt went mainstream. Now, with the thick, creamy texture of this ever popular strained yogurt, Ben & Jerry released four fun new flavors-- raspberry fudge chunk, peanutbutter banana, strawberry shortcake, and blueberry vanilla graham. Out of these four, RB brought homeraspberry fudge chunk from the nearby bodega.

When you think Greek yogurt, you may think it is protein packed with fewer calories, but this Greek yogurt version is not much more nutritiously different from other frozen yogurt offered by Ben & Jerry. It is slightly creamier, and it is indeed sweeter, which unfortunately ends up masking the pleasant tanginess of the Greek yogurt. I was hoping for the flavor contrast of bitter sweet chocolate and tangy yogurt, so this was a bit of disappointment. At the same time, if you are not a fan of yogurt at all, you would find this product appalling for its yogurty tang.

I could see that Ben & Jerry's tried to find the middle ground of tanginess where more consumers would find it acceptable. That's the thing--this froyo is just acceptable, but nothing quite special or mind blowing. But I eventually finished the pint anyway.

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