Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chige Nabe Udon from Udon West 06-27-2009

Location: 11 St Marks Pl
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: We have not been to Udon West for quite some time, but to welcome a lovely sunny day (after a month of rain and gloom), I was craving my usual cold bukkake udon. While going through their menu, we realized that they made some changes and added more adventurous dishes such as chige nabe udon (kimchi hot pot with udon), cold udon with kimchi and a raw egg, and udon with fried squid.

I was tempted to try the cold noodle with kimchi, but the raw egg turned me off. We got a mini curry to share, and I got my usual cold noodle instead. RB usually orders nabe yaki udon, but he decided to try the new chige nabe udon.

The chige came with bright red soup with the intoxicating aroma of kimchi and udon broth. Vampires may be excited about this blood red stew. Not only it was red but the extreme temperature of the nabe burnt RB's tongue, even after he waited for it to cool down. This is when the Japanese noodle slurping sound could have come handy--it will cool off the noodle and prevent from burning your tongue. He enjoyed the dish despite his injury. It was spicy and flavorful but he would have preferred more meat. Perhaps he got too used to the giant meat portions at Döner Kebab in Williamsburg.

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