Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Papacitos 06-30-2009

Location: 999 Manhattan Ave.
Time: 7:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: While apartment hunting in Greenpoint area, we had to stop at the famous vegan friendly taco spot, Papacitos. Just for the sake of being so close to Papacitos makes me want to move to this area. They should list that as a benefit in the Craigslist listing. Ramen and Friends' member, TrishP mentioned that Papacitos was recently robbed, so I thought I should definitely stopped by to give them our support. Okay, perhaps people shouldn't mention Papacitos on Craigslist after all.

Unfortunately, due to the rain, the outdoor patio was closed, and it was packed with hungry people and taco aroma. We had to wait for 10 minutes to be seated, but I did not mind waiting considering how friendly and courteous the waitstaff was.

RB and I both ordered three tacos with three different fillings: soyrizo (vegan chorizo), spicy tempeh, and seitan asada, all with soy sour cream. Wow! They were all amazingly flavorful and strikingly spicy with a nice kick of cilantro. My tongue and stomach thought I was feeding on meat and dairy, but without any guilt or sick feelings. I had to keep telling myself, "This is not meat. This is not dairy." I never actually really tasted meat, but RB said these were even better than their chicken tacos he had previously, so I am assuming this is very close to real meat.

Unfortunately, they did not serve alcohol, but it is BYOB, and there are quite a few bodegas and corner shops around to buy a few tallboys to enjoy with your meal. RB decided not to go out and buy a beer but managed to really enjoy the tacos without one of his favorite Pacifico or Modelo. Ladies and gentlemen, that means the vegan tacos were really good. He is not a vegetarian nor would he dare to eat tacos without a good Mexican beer.

We left the place with $15 bill, again impressed by how reasonable Greenpoint dining is. What have we been doing in Astoria all these years? Is it time to for us move to Greenpoint? Is this a calling?

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