Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Wichcraft Ice Cream Kiosk 09-07-2012

Location: Bryant Park 11 W. 40th St
Time: 1pm
People: Sash, Eric and myself

Feelings: On this warm and humid Friday afternoon, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to try Smush, the new "NY Deli of Desserts." We walked over 10 blocks only to find that the place was not yet open. Truly devastating. In order to calm our nerves and satisfy our ice cream cravings, we found ourselves across the street at 'Wichcraft Ice Cream Kiosk, located the south side of Bryant Park near the carousel.

Mr. Collichio's ice cream pop up has been back since this Spring. According to Midtown Lunch, they source their ice cream from Van Leewen, one of my favorite artisan ice cream shops that is freshly made with local antibiotic free milk.

Sash's chocolate & mint chip ice cream'wich ($4.25) was a definite winner. The ice cream actually contains some mint leaves, and as you bite into this refreshing treat, you can actually see and taste them. Oddly, however, when I ordered a scoop of mint chip ice cream, it came as plain vanilla with some mint chips. There were no signs of mint leaves.

Eric's peanut butter and strawberry ice cream'wich ($4.25) was also a hit. He thought it had a nice blend of flavors with a perfect texture-- not too soft, not too hard.

As much as I love Coolhaus' ice cream sandwich, it is indeed difficult to finish without harming the couture with melted creaminess. 'Wichcraft's ice cream sandwiches are more compact, firm and easy to handle. You could be carrying your black and white Celine tote and not have to worry about making a mess with this one.

We later found out that Smush had their grand opening at 4:30pm. It sounds like we'll have to have another ice cream Friday in Bryant Park.