Monday, October 24, 2011

'wichcraft @ The Tunnel 10-12-2011

Location: 269 11th Ave.
Time: 12pm
People: AP and myself

Feelings: It is important for me to find someone I can connect with at work. After all, I spend half of my days in the office. Although I am saddened by the recent departure of our coworker, FF, I still have my dear AP with whom I share my daily coffee.

AP and I have what seems to be an annual ritual. Before heading to our conference at Javits Center, we grab a quick bite at 'wichcraft in the Tunnel in West Chelsea. The legendary Tunnel in Terminal Stores is now a beautiful industrial space filled with boutique post houses and design studios. The streets were filled with beautiful art industry people, and just being in the vicinity is a wonderful little break from homely Midtown.

What's different about this year is that 'wichcraft decided to add the dreadful calorie information on their menu. I had no idea that sandwiches had so many calories--they look so sensible yet contain near 700-900 calories! Thankfully, my obsession of root vegetables triggered me to order "roasted squash, parsnip and beets" salad ($8.96, 439 cal, with sage, pumpkin seeds and organic mixed greens) instead. The salad was a perfect dish for the fall. The flavorful squash and earthy beets along with pumpkin seeds created a perfect fall flavor in my mouth. If you are health conscious and don't want to touch any pumpkin desserts, I would recommend ordering this for your Halloween lunch.

So next time when you need to trek to Javits Center, why not stop by at the Tunnel and reminisce the good ol' 90's mega club days? Oh good ol' Manhattan, it was vibrant and happening--now filled with salad, banks and conferences.