Thursday, August 2, 2012

Noodies Thai Kitchen 07-24-2012

Location: 840 9th Ave.
Time: 1pm
People: LM, MS, Eric and myself

Feelings: Perhaps one of the reasons my colleagues and I wanted to have our lunch at Noodies is because we giggle like a school girl over the name. What a completely unrelated yet brilliant, noodle sounding name for a Thai restaurant! Please forgive me, but I intend to try and write Noodies as much as possible on this post. Just from the name of the restaurant and a sleek decor, I had a high expectation of this place.

There are far too many mediocre Thai spots in Midtown, but it seems the scene has changed for the better after the arrival of Pure Thai. Now with Noodies, Hell's Kitchen might officially be the legitimate second Thai food central next to Queens. All kinds of noodle dishes can be found on the menu, but it will not be just another chicken Pad Thai. Not only your standard stir fried noodles but also noodle soup can be found, including my favorite, Yien Ta Four ($11). Usually Yien Ta Four on the menu is my Thai restaurant barometer-- if a Thai restaurant carries this dish, the place will be legit.

The lunch specials offered from 12-3:30pm are quite a good deal. Order any entree, and a small salad and a choice of starter (mushroom dumplings, steamed dumplings, crispy spring roll, or vegetable tempura) would be accompanied without any extra charge.

The Cold Tofu appetizer is also a must try. Topped with tons of fish sauce and garnish, this is an ultimate summer staple. The texture is silky, and the each bite is full of all the savory flavors. Salads here are also extremely fresh with delicate flavor execution.

Noodies is a great competition to Pure Thai and an absolutely welcoming addition to the neighborhood. The service is charming and friendly. The space is rather cramped, so it may not be a reliable group dining spot, but Noodies is certainly our favorite in this ever expanding culinary scene that is Hell's Kitchen.

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