Monday, December 13, 2010

The 2010 Annual Ramen and Friends Awards! 12-14-2010

Welcome to The 2010 Annual Ramen and Friends Awards! 2010 is almost at an end. It is now time to reflect on all the food we had this year. Curious about 2009? Check it here.

Best Chinese-Japanese fusion: Saburi
Best Hand Pulled Noodles: Xi'an
Best NYE Menu of 2009: Poco
Best Fries: Sweet Bao Fries from BaoHaus
Best Filipino Pan Asian: Purple Yam
Best Udon: Matsukado (Now closed)
Best Crack Sauce and Grits: Calexico
Best Tacos: Taqueria Coatzingo
Most Fun Taco Joint: La Lucha
Most Intimidating Concept: Sushi at Duane Reade
Fun Japanese Day Trip: Mitsuwa in NJ
Best Seafood: Fish Tales
Best Yogurt: Traders Point Creamery's Low Fat Yogurt
Best Tea Chain: Argo Tea
Best Coffee: Crop to Cup
Best Fluffy Pancakes: Clinton Street Baking Co.
Best Gastropub: Highlands
Best New American with Locally Grown Produce: Northern Spy Food Co.
Best Vegan Vietnamese: Lan Cafe
Best Pretzel: Sigmund Pretzel Shop
Best Sweets: Formerly known as Street Sweets, now Sweetery
Best Chocolate Souffle & Chocolate Sundae: Sweet Melissa's
Best Pumpkin Steamed Bun: Golden Steamer
Best Manhattan Bun: Pho Bang
Best Malaysian: Taste Good in Elmhust
Biggest Disappointment: Otarian
What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas: Lotus of Siam
Best Vegetarian Bistro: Counter
Most Reasonable Chinese-Indonesian: Sanur
Best Korean Take Out in Midtown: Bann Next Door
Best Korean Truck: Bap Cha
Best Hummus: Mimi's Hummus
Best Vegetarian Deli in Midtown: Green Symphony
Best Potato Chips: Calbee Seaweed Chips
Best Gluten Free Bakery: Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery
Best Japanese Bakery: Takahachi Bakery
Best Japanese: Hibino
Best Falafel: Azuri
Best Falafel in Soho: Hoomoos Asli
Best Falafel in West Village & Truck: Taim
Best Popsicle: Popbar
Best French Pastry: Canele from L.A. Burdick
Best Vegetarian Ramen: Totto Ramen
Best Ethiopian Lunch Special: Meskerem
Best Italian-Japanese Fusion: Basta Pasta
Best Ice Cream: Banana Ice Cream from Blue Marble
Best TJ's Ice Cream Flavor: Pumpkin Ice Cream
Best Ice Cream Parlor: Brooklyn Farmacy
Most Tolerable Thai in BoCoCa: Ghang Thai
Best Brunch: Home/Made
Best Bakery: Francois Payard Bakery
Best Vegan Soup in Midtown: Vegetarian Tom Kha Gai soup from Pam Real Encore
Biggest Ramen: Mega Ton Ramen from Hide Chan Ramen
Best Northern European: Vandaag
Best Middle Eastern Pizza: Palmyra
Runner up of Sripraphai: Ayada Thai
Prettiest Staff: Ayada Thai
Best Thai in Midtown: Pure Thai
Best Bocadillo: Despana
Best Kit Kat: Adult Kit Kat
Best Lunch: The Plaza Food Hall
Best Croissant: Ceci Cela
Best Rice Burger: Fultummy's
Best Pasta: Brucie

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