Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hoomoos Asli 05-11-2010

Location: 100 Kenmare St.
Time: 8pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: RB needs three different types of food in order to function: curry, burritos, and falafel sandwiches. If he lacks any of these for more than two days, I definitely see his mood change for the worse. RB has shown a great interest in Hoomoos Asli, a falafel joint located near his work. When he used to work in Flatiron district, Rainbow Falafel was his favorite. He says Hoomoos has even better falafel sandwiches than Rainbow, so I was excited to finally try their food.

I saw my favorite dish, Shakshooka ($9.75) on the menu, and of course I had to have it. It was not as flavorful as Mimi's and little too watery for my taste. The green peppers overpowered the dish, and I could not taste tomatoes or eggs, which I think are the best parts of the dish. I really regret not ordering the falafel sandwich!

RB had a Shawarma Sandwich ($8.75) for a change with shoog (spicy sauce). It was disappointingly dry and not as good as he had expected but tasty nonetheless. Perhaps there is some sort of falafel goddess that resides there. "Don't even think about ordering something else," the falafel goddess would say. Or perhaps their falafels are so outstanding that the rest of the dishes cannot possibly compete. Either way, next time, I am definitely ordering the falafel sandwich, nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Try their hummus! It's awesome!
I haven't been back for awhile though...:*(

Mina said...

I need to go to Mimi's.

Yosh. O said...

oooh! ill try their hummus! ..or should i say hoomoos.

mina, run to mimi's!

Anonymous said...

I was RIGHT at Mimi's the other day. I was just about to sit down and sadly, I wasn't in the mood for hummus that day...:( It was also very warm inside...

ps yea, you should practice pronounce 'hoomoos' :)

Too bad they don't serve whole wheat pitas.