Monday, November 22, 2010

Adult Kit Kat 11-22-2010

Feelings: Bizarre stereotypes exist everywhere in the world. In the U.S., if a man dresses handsomely or well-groomed, he is considered effeminate. In Japan, if a man does not take care of himself, he is either otaku or an unfortunate plebeian. You may wonder, then what would make Japanese men be perceived feminine? Partially, it is what they eat.

If you go to Japan, you rarely see grown men eating sweets. Eating sweets and candy is considered to be feminine because "real men" apparently are supposed to drink like fish and consume savory dishes and snacks. In fact, I have heard so many men saying, "Sorry, I don't like sweets." If a man said this in the U.S., he would be labeled as a weirdo. This is one of the reasons gender specific products like "Men's Pocky" exist and are ever so popular in Japan. They don't eat sweets, but they would eat "Men's Pocky" because it's bitter and says "Men's" on it!

When I first tasted "Adult Kit Kat,"I was instantly reminded of Men's Pocky for its bitterness and mature packaging. The crushed dark chocolate cookie bits milled in wafers give more texture to this Kit Kat. This is perhaps the best Kit Kat around, especially for people who enjoy dark chocolate and bitter flavors.

Gender targeted snacks seem unfathomable, but now age targeted Kit Kat? This sounds like the Japanese Don Draper's idea, but I just cannot argue with them because it tastes so damn good. They're doing something right.


Sara Shacket said...

i LOVE men's pocky, so i MUST try this! Is it possible to get in manhattan?

Yosh. O said...

they sometimes have it at Jas Mart or Sunrise!