Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bann Next Door 04-14-2010

Location: Next door of Bann, 350 West 50th Street
Time: 12pm

Feelings: Bann is my favorite, rather, only Korean restaurant in my work area unless I decide to take the train 20 blocks down to K-Town. It is a bit pricey for daily lunch, so when I saw the cheaper version called "Bann Next Door" open up, I headed over as soon as possible.

"Bann Next Door" is more of a take out friendly spot although there were a few out and indoor tables. On a nice sunny day, it'd be perfect to sit outside and enjoy some nice quick Korean food. The menu was coded in Midtown friendly way without any signs of Korean. I'm not a big fan when restaurants translate their menu to Midtownese. Can you imagine if some Italian restaurant suddenly listed lasagna as "layers of thin and flat wheat noodles with cheese and tomato sauce"? But I suppose they have to to cater to a lot of K-food first timers considering this area is packed with commuters and tourists who would usually dine at Chili's.

I picked up "Vegetarian Bowl" ($5.95, 5 grain jasmine rice topped with zucchini, shiitake, beansprouts, and spinach), which was pretty decent for a $6 lunch. The rice was well cooked and delicious, and the side of gochujang complimented the fresh veggies.

As far as quick Bibimbap fusion take outs go, I still prefer B-Bap in the area, but Bann Next Door does have Korean fried chicken and pork spare ribs under $7, for those of you who are craving some Korean style meat.


Mina said...

Oooh I have to try this out sometime for lunch! Awesome!

Yosh. O said...

yep! they really dont have enough k-food in our area tho.

Sara Shacket said...

nice! when i am back from maternity leave, i will definitely try this, since it is so close to the office.

Yosh. O said...

there's also a new veg place opening up on Friday near the office!!

Mina said...

I just got the fried rice w/ chicken for lunch today! It's pretty good -- not too greasy. Thanks :) I think this is my new lunch favorite.

Yosh. O said...

yay! dont forget to try B-Bap too!