Tuesday, June 2, 2009

B-Bap Fusion Rice Bar 06-02-2009

Location: 830 9th Ave.
Time: 1pm

Feelings: I finally decided to try B-Bap, a customizable bi bim bap place near work, after my co-worker Sa-Sha mentioned about it. If Pinkberry opened a bi bim bap shop, this is what it would be, with an oddly similar decor. I thought I accidentally wandered into the fro-yo store, but when the staff stared at me blankly without a smile, it assured me that this was not the popular chain.

I am usually too lazy to customize my meal or anything else for that matter. Unless, of course, it is a pair of shoes or hair color. So I ordered a pre-designed special, Tofu B-Bap ($8), which comes with brown rice, seasoned tofu, eggs, mushrooms, carrots, and a tangy soy sauce. Surprisingly, the people behind me ordering customized bowls got theirs first, and I had to stand awkwardly in line for a while. If you are in rush, I would recommend that you customize. Behind the counter, there were pretty high quality Asian electric rice cookers, so I knew I was getting decent rice.

The rice was perfectly cooked the way only a magical electric rice cooker can. The dish reminded me a lot of Soboro Don instead of bi bim bap. The tofu was well seasoned and crumbly. The tangy soy sauce mixed with the sour flavor of the pickled carrots brought all the ingredients together. It was a very satisfying and delicious lunch for $8. People spend $5-$8 for fro-yo now days, so I suppose $8 for bi bim bap is pretty reasonable in midtown.

When I want more stick to your ribs Korean takeouts in midtown/Times Square/Hell's Kitchen, I'd rather head to Cafe Duke. But for more healthier options, B-Bap is the winner.

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