Monday, June 21, 2010

Takahachi Bakery 06-19-2010

Location: 25 Murray St.
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When Thoughtful Plate informed me that the new Japanese bakery opened in Tribeca, I did not waste another day. In Japan, European style Japanese bakeries can be found on almost every block, and I grew up savoring Anpan or Melonpan and many other Japanese fusion baked goods. My grandmother used to run a bakery and snack shop when I was little, so I get intense cravings for Japanese sweet baked goods once in a while as a part of reminiscence to the childhood. In recent decades, more and more authentic Japanese bakeries are opening up in NYC, most notable ones to be Panya and Zaiya.

I have never tried Takahachi's other restaurants, but his new bakery is very modern and spacious with high ceilings and wooden floors, and there is very relaxed ambiance unlike Panya or Zaiya. They have an array of delicate sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches, and gelato available. My heart was instantly captivated by the Matcha Crepe ($4.50), but an hour before their closing time, it was already sold out. The Orange Wasabi Mousse looked and sounded so unconventional and delicious, but I ordered Choco Choco-Cream Cupcake ($3.25) instead. The harmonious mixture of crunchy chocolate toppings, creamy chocolate cream, and the soft spongy chocolate cake brought the undeniable chocolate heaven to my mouth. If you like bitter, dense chocolate flavor, you will love this cupcake.

RB had three mini cream puffs ($4.50 for three), coffee, shiso cream and strawberry flavored. We were actually not sure if we actually got the shiso cream since I did not taste the unique basil-y flavor. The custard cream was still dense and delicious nonetheless. Both coffee and strawberry had strong flavors and intense creaminess, and the outside layers were crispy and buttery. We also took home Black Sesame Corone and Matcha Pie since we could never have enough Japanese pastries. The black sesame cream was so incredibly scrumptious that if they sold the jar of the cream, I'd buy it without hesitation. The Matcha Pie unfortunately tasted singular and lacked imagination.

The baked goods here are smaller and slightly more expensive than Panya and Zaiya. But for the calming nature of the interior, quality of food and superb service, I am certain that Takahachi Bakery will attract a wide range of customers from Tribeca lunch crowds to Japanese patisserie addicts.


Anonymous said...

So glad you visited! I've yet to go downtown to give it a go.

Yosh. O said...

thanks for the info!

Mina said...

Looks so gut, ja!