Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cold Goma Noodles at Menkui Tei 06-19-2010

Location: 63 Cooper Sq
Time: 5:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: The most dreadful time of the year is here-- Yes, Summer has arrived in NYC. There is a reason I left Florida as soon as I graduated from college. I enjoy neither the exposure of beaming sun on my face that causes wrinkles nor spending time outdoors that would melt and smudge my mascara. Just as many people seem to get the winter blues, I experience the summer blues. Therefore, I needed to cool down by slurping on delightful Hiyashi Chuka. (cold ramen noodles)

After enjoying iced barley tea at Panya, another Japanese summer staple, we headed over to nearby Menkui Tei for a bowl of cold noodles. They had something called Cold Goma Noodles on their summer specials, which was undoubtedly Hiyashi Chuka with sesame sauce. Their Hiyashi Chuka is nothing over the top or unique by any means, but it performs and tastes as it should. Sometimes, all I need is a basic dish that doesn't overwhelm the palate.

The freshly sliced cucumbers, carrots and radish mixed with tangy sesame sauce were oh so refreshing. The cold chewy noodles slipping down my throat instantly cooled down my body temperature. For that moment, I was relieved from the humidity and the grotesque garbage odor of NYC summer. Hiyashi Chuka is indeed my summer savior! What's yours?

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Mina said...

I get summer blues too. I hate heat. We will miss you...