Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mabo Ramen from Menkui Tei 10-19-2009

Location: 63 Cooper Sq.
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: We go to Menkui Tei often after shopping at the Japanese grocery stores, Jas Mart and Sunrise. After dinner, we always stop at Cafe Zaiya to pick up the $5 bag of pastry deal and a cup of coffee. I thoroughly enjoy our little ritual.

At Menkui-Tei, my mild OCD kicks in, and I tend to stick to the same dishes every time, either tofu and mushroom ramen or jar jar men. However, RB tries different dishes every time he is here. Today, he ordered mabo ramen ($8.25 Sauteed Spicy Tofu and Ground Pork), which is to me a rather heavy combination of mabo tofu (mapo doufu) and ramen. I suppose if there is curry ramen and mabo tofu don (mabo tofu on rice) exist, rationally, mabo ramen is acceptable.

It turns out it was not as heavy as I expected. The mabo broth was not as thick and spicy but maintained the flavor of the dish. RB said, "I like it. It tastes like mabo tofu and ramen!" What a great deal: two strong flavors in one dish at the price of $8.25. Both mabo tofu and ramen are comfort food in many Japanese households, and combining the two created the dangerously ultimate comfort food. This is something RB would crave at least once a month, and I am certain that he will stop trying other dishes at Menkui Tei.

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