Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birfday RB! 10-23-2009

Locations: New Malaysia, 46-48 Bowery
CMJ Pure Volume Pizza Party, 169 Bowery
Chez JLam MeSoHungry, Williamsburg

Feelings: The birfday boy RB, JLam and I started off the night at one of our favorite restaurants, New Malaysia. (Thanks GB for the recommendation! I miss you!) I had craved their Indian mee goreng ($5.95) for quite some time now, and it was conveniently located near the CMJ pizza party we wanted to attend.

Of course we started with the roti canai with chicken curry sauce ($2.95). The sauce is JLam's favorite, and he wanted to order a pitcher of it. The roti was perfectly flaky, and we all highly recommend ordering the dish. His main dish, nasi lemak ($5.50, coconut flavored rice with belacan anchovy, chicken, hard boiled eggs, peanuts), had a similar sauce on it, so he seemed quite satisfied.

RB ordered sungai wang kway teow ($7.95). He mentioned it was a bit bland and tasted like less greasy pad thai. He kept trying to switch his dish with my amazing Indian mee goreng. Although it was indeed his birfday night, no one touches my mee goreng.

After our tasty and reasonable meal, we stopped at Pure Volume CMJ pizza party to see Yasmin's band, Lavalier. It was open bar with beer and various promotional drinks such as Izze (and vodka) and Poland Spring's Tea Water, which was quite delicious and only had 50 calories. There was supposed to be pizza as well since they called themselves a pizza party, but the only pizza I saw was at their VIP lounge. That does not sound fair. But fortunately, our bellies were full with delicious Malaysian food.

At 10pm, we headed over to JLam's place for his housewarming party. After three years at his place, he finally managed to have a housewarming. People there also managed to surprise RB with a surprise birthday party and cake when we got there. MGru made her famously delicious Guinness chocolate cake. Both RB and I usually don't like icing, but the it was creamy and perfectly sweet. There was a definite aftertaste of bitterness from Guinness, which blended well with the dark chocolate and made me want to eat more! Thank you MGru for baking such a delicious cake.

Happy Birfday RB!


Gar said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!

That cake looked so chocolately and delish! Who says you need to dine in a 5 stars restaurant to have a good time? :)

Yosh. O said...


Unknown said...

Yeah, happy happy to Rob! Glad y'alls had a good time. And major congrats to MGru for a delicious looking cake with alcohol.

Which picture is of the mee gorang? All the dishes look awesome, especially the bready/carb one.