Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Malaysia Night 02-03-2009

Location: 46-48 Bowery
Time: 7pm
13 Ramen and Friends: GB, Alessandra, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB, JNu, CEBert, PMont, MGru, ALev, MLev, Rich, JBH, and myself

Feelings: Ramen and Friends' almost Valentine's Day event took place at a small Malaysian joint in Chinatown. Forget Valentine's Day! Forget everything! This is probably one of the best authentic Malaysian restaurants in Manhattan. They have amazing pearl noodles and
mee goreng: the texture of noodles was perfect, and the sauce was not too spicy but extremely flavorful. The best dish we tried was roti canai. The flakey yet soft Indian bread was buttery and superbly out of this world.

RB and JLam of course ordered a duck's blood dish since their obsession of the moment is to try every dish that consists of animal blood. "I wonder what bloodtype it might be," they would giggle as they bit into the oddly tofu-esque squares. It was quite puzzling, however that they listed the duck's blood dishes under the vegetarian section of their menu.

The price was also amazing: It came out to be $25 for drinkers (about 3 beers a piece), and non drinkers paid $15. We left the place happily stuffed and satisfied with money to spare.

Post Noodle Dessert: The return of Egg Custard King Cafe, 271 Grand St.

Feelings: Kermit green cheesecake, anyone? (photo above) It was actually a green tea flavored cheesecake with a very little cheese.

We were enjoying their reasonably priced egg custard and cake until they kicked us out saying "We are closing. We need to exterminate the place." Was the place infested? Am I going to be sick? A sleepless, worrisome night was awaiting the Ramen and Friends members.

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