Friday, August 1, 2008

Pho Grand 07-31-2008

"What am I eating?"

Location: Pho Grand, 277 Grand St
Time: 7pm
People: Jason L, RB and myself (Ramen & Friends Meeting)

Feelings: Yummy Bun & Pho at a great value. I have no idea what parts of cow Jason L & RB were eating however. Was that even a cow meat? (They ordered "Pho six differences brisket navel, frank, omosa tendon & eye of round") And Salty Plum juice was quite...salty and interesting. It was salty for sure.

Post bun dessert: Egg Custard King Cafe, 271 Grand Street
Feelings: Three egg custards and three coffees for $5. And wonderful Chinese Television Cop Drama on the HD TV monitor. "How do they make money?"Jason L stated.

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ryan said...

you know, i'm not even hungry right now but that is making me drool. Hmm, what did I eat for dinner last night? I don't even remember! sigh.