Saturday, July 11, 2009

$5 Pastry Deal at Cafe Zaiya! 07-10-2009

Location: 69 Cooper Square

Feelings: I often go to Cafe Zaiya for their delicious Japanese baked goods, cake, bento, omusoba and so on. What I most like about them is everyday around 5:30pm, they would start to sell their savory items for 50% off and a package of six pastries for $5. I am not sure what other bakeries do with their leftover pastries in the U.S., but this practice is quite common in Japan.

RB enjoys $5 pastry deal, but they often include one savory pastry (usually gratin or cheese pastry), which makes him insanely mad. He does not enjoy the concept of savory flavor with cold bread and would scream, "Ugh! Not the gratin bread!"

In this economy, this deal is hard to beat. Especially people who want to try different types of Japanese pastries, $5 packaged deal is a great way to start.

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