Monday, May 11, 2009

Omusoba from Cafe Zaiya 05-11-2009

Location: 18 East 41st St.
Time: 6pm

Feelings: I went back to Cafe Zaiya after work to pick up some Omusoba with much anticipation. Omusoba is omelet with yakisoba noodles, which is basically fried noodles with thinly wrapped egg wrapping. I have had Omurice (omelet with rice) several times throughout the city, last time at Tokyo Bar, but I completely forgot about the existence of Omusoba until now.

As soon as I had a bite, it gave me the nostalgia of my hometown, Osaka. This Omusoba is surely not the best one I have tried, but the combination of Japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce, mushy yakisoba, aonori (green seaweed flakes), and thin omelet was the pure flavor of Osaka. Osaka's well known dishes, takoyaki and okonomiyaki both come with Japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce and little sprinkles of aonori. You could say that the combination the toppings is what Osaka food is all about. It is nice to see a Japanese grocery store carrying a little heaven of my hometown.

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