Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tokyo Bar Night 10-14-2008

"Ketchup, Safe Sex on the Beach and the place of seduction."
Location: 277 Church St.
Time: 7pm
People: 15 Ramen and Friends :KN, PMont and "the Boss", BeBe, Sa-Sha, GB, BLee, CarlA, TrishP, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB, MGru, ALev, JV and myself

Feelings: Ramen and Friends ventured out to Tribeca's new Japanese Yoshoku style (modern Japanese food with Western influences) restaurant. The place was decorated meticulously by pop creative director, Mr. Kashiwa Sato. A mural of a Japanese model dressed in a French maid outfit laying on a bed, a Manga binder mosaic, and beautifully illustrated anime characters punctuate this eye popping yet minimalist aesthetic. Every detail of the place was kitschy yet modern with metropolitan Tokyo vibe. Their attentive Japanese style service was even better than the decor, and they made sure that our dinner was enjoyable. As for food, they offer authentic Japanese Yoshoku menu as well as Izakaya tapas and various alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks such as "Safe Sex on the Beach" and "Mint Cooler." Omu-Rice, Curry, Takoyaki, and Calamari- every dish we ordered reminded me of the real Tokyo style Japanese food. If I had to list one negative reaction to this cute little theme bar, it would be the "Napolitan" Spaghetti. Although it was delicious, it is made with a ketchup based sauce. This is typical of Japanese Napolitan sauce, but perhaps it should've been cheaper than $13? How much is ketchup anyway?

Post ketchup experience: B Flat Bar 277 Church St. Right next door, owned by the same people of Tokyo Bar
Feelings: The best bar with best dessert dishes! They have amazing Sake ice cream, tasty cocktails, ultra attentive service, clean bathrooms, and fantastic Jazz music. We had come to the conclusion that this is THE place to seduce your lady friend.

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