Friday, October 17, 2008

Chez GB Vegan Dinner 10-16-2008

Pictures courtesy of BeBe and Sa-Sha

"Tofu + Cashews = Ricotta"

Location: Secret Greenpoint location
Time: 7pm
People: Showtime Ops Crew!

Feelings: GB invited the Showtime Ops Crew for a night of nice vegan meal. She entertained us with amazing homemade stuffed zucchini and baked Ziti, and Sa-Sha brought flavorful cauliflower with curry spices. We were pleasantly surprised by baked Ziti: When you combine tofu and cashews, it gives the exact texture and flavors of Ricotta cheese! Both vegans and carnivores equally stuffed themselves with variety of delicious vegan home cooked meals. One night of vegan meals was a success. Well done, GB!

Other Feelings: PeCi makes awesome party music.
Major Discovery at GB's house: Banana Bunker - This protects a banana from bruising and provides steady flow of saucy conversations.

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