Sunday, October 12, 2008

Otafuku Afternoon 10-12-2008

"Excuse me New York Magazine, but this stuff is from my hometown, Osaka! Not Tokyo."

Location: 236 E. 9th St
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself
Feelings: Coming from Osaka, I know Osakan soul food: Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and Yakisoba. This place is probably the only authentic place in Manhattan that reminds me of an Osakan street vendor and even makes me forget that I'm actually in New York... except for the fact that you will NEVER wait 20 minutes for any food in Osaka. My people are known to be quite impatient when it comes to food, and the customers would probably just yell at them and move on. The reason this place is still popular and surviving is because this is the ONLY place in the city that serves take away convincing Osakan street food. If you have a severe craving for Takoyaki, but you don't have $1200 plus fuel fees to fly to Osaka, you should make an emergency run here.

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