Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Menkui Tei 05-27-2009

Location: 63 Cooper Sq.
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Menkui Tei was one of the first ramen places I tried in the city. Before the ramen takeover of Momofuku and Setagaya, Menkui Tei accomodated me with their variety of Japanese tapas and noodle dishes. Most importantly, this is where RB got his first katsudon and fell in love with it. To this day, katsudon is his most favorite Japanese dish.

We usually go back there every other week for RB's katsudon fix and my love for their Jar Jar men, but today, I decided to try their new tofu and mushroom ramen. Overall, it was similar to Nagasaki area's Champon ramen except it was vegetarian. It came with tasty starchy sauce that Champon ramen is known for. Since I don't eat meat, many ramen dishes don't seem to satisfy me. This tofu and mushroom ramen dish, however, filled my belly with goodness. It was extremely filling yet did not make me feel overstuffed. I think this has become my new favorite dish from Menkui Tei!

RB's katsudon today was flavorful, but the pork was dry and overcooked, and the eggs were too well done. The flavor sadly did not connect with rice because of the eggs. Eggs on donburi, especially Katsudon should be slightly runny. Perhaps some customers enjoy their donburi with more fully cooked eggs, and the place had to re-adjust the dish? For RB's sake, I hope this is only temporary. Otherwise I will have to start cooking, and that would be the end of Ramen and Friends!

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