Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taqueria Coatzingo 06-08-2010

Location: 7605 Roosevelt Ave. Jackson Heights
Time: 7:30pm
People: 20 Ramen and Friends: MGru, ALev, MLev, PunJ, BLee, TrishP, JT, Ava, PMont, JLam from MeSoHungry, KarenO, Greg, MGill, Jill, Anna & Friend, JBH, JNu, CEbert and myself

Feelings: There is much debate about the lack of taco authenticity in NYC. Perhaps these people have not experienced the true beauty of tacos in Queens. Earlier last month, JBH highly recommended this taqueria in the food mecca of NYC, Jackson Heights. When I called for a reservation due to the large number of the group, they only spoke in Spanish, which made me realize I had no Ramen and Friends members who spoke Spanish. At the same time, I thought this place would bring us an authentic and legitimate taco experience.

I saw that the taqueria was located right next to the gentlemen's club named "Romantico," and a feeling of taco anticipation rapidly increased. How could a taqueria in Queens next to a gentlemen's club be less than authentic? This must be a sign from the taco goddess.

We were seated in three separate tables in the back near the kitchen. The heat from the kitchen was almost unbearable for this sweaty pregger, but a cup of frothy and extra tangy Limonada soothed all my senses. While we devoured on complimentary chips and salsa, which JT thought was pleasantly spicy, we looked through their extensive menu filled with food pictures that reminded JLam of Denny's. But even the amazing food pictures on the menu did not do the justice. The grand portions made BLee feel beyond satisfied. "Don't be fooled by the low low prices -- I only needed to eat 2 tacos ($4) for a full meal. I ordered a quesadilla plate in addition, thinking the tacos wouldn't be enough, and I am still full right now," she said the next day.

JT thought his Lenguas Tacos were surprisingly tender and delicious and not at all what he expected tongue to taste like. The chorizo on PMont's Torta was a greasy masterpiece. KarenO and Greg also enjoyed their enchilladas as he very nearly licked his plate.

My two taco vegetariano ($4) were perhaps one of the best tacos I have ever had in the city. The tacos in NY are often one dimensional without layers of flavor, but here the different textures and powerful flavors blended together to create a delicious success. I found the rice to be a little salty by itself, but inside the tacos, the saltiness was distributed perfectly. As BLee mentioned, the portions are large, and prices are extremely reasonable, to the point I am not sure how they even make the profit. There must be some mystery culinary secrets in Jackson Heights.

If you ever meet people complaining about the lack of authentic Mexican food in the city, send them to Taqueria Coatzingo. They will leave this place full and satisfied without breaking the bank. And at the same time, you can prove to them that NYC has got everything.


Unknown said...

Yay! So glad it met your standards. And I never learn my lesson. I keep ordering 3 tacos & rice and beans. When will I learn?

Yosh. O said...

i LOVE that place! cant wait to go back. and the best limonada i've had in my life.