Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Green Symphony 04-06-2010

Location: 255 West 43rd St.
Time: 1pm

Feelings: A long while ago, my coworkers FF and JS told me I should try Green Symphony in Times Square for lunch, but I had been hesitant to walk seven blocks in the cold weather. Now that the spring has arrived, I finally made it to this Korean health food deli. I didn't know what I was missing all these months! It seems the seven blocks is worth the risk.

My favorite foods in no necessary order are: noodles, dumplings, mixed greens, nuts, sesame, and ginger. At Green Symphony, it is possible to get all my favorite foods in one dish by the name of "Nude Noodle." ($7.50, mixed greens, soba noodles, soybeans sprouts, pumpkin seeds, vegetarian homemade dumplings with sesame- ginger dressing) The veggies were fresh, and the Korean style dumplings were smooth and tasty. The tangy sesame ginger dressing complimented the noodles without overpowering the dish.

They also have an array of vegetarian and vegan friendly hot/cold salad bar as well as sandwiches, soup, smoothies, and plenty of vegan baked goods. I never thought I would find vegan cheesecake in Times Square. If you like your meats, they have plenty of items with free-range chicken available.

It is a very cramped space, especially by the salad bar area, but they do have a small seating area available. Unlike other Midtown delis such as Duke, I felt comfortable being here. There were no irritable men with blue button-down shirts and Blackberry in hand. The clientele is mainly health conscious dashing fashionistas or men in casual attire. It sure is a little health food sanctuary in ever so depressing Times Square.


Anonymous said...

I've meant to stop by there, especially now I feel like getting some fresh juices (albeit pricey). I once went inside on the weekend and of course, the buffet trays were at bare minimum. I hope to walk there & visit soon!

Yosh. O said...

Let me know how their juices are!!

Mina said...

Hi Y!

Yosh. O said...

Yay! you found it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yosh! I went today for some green juice. Got 4 ingredients for $4/95 + tax. Not cheaps, but at least they got the greens I needed. Got to say, the other items are quite expensive (drinks expecially), but it's nice to have some healthy options in the TS area. Probably won't go back too often. This is a splurge for me. :P

Yosh. O said...

thanks for your report-that is a bit pricey!!