Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diner 04-03-2010

Location: 85 Broadway
Time: 12:30pm, plus 40 min-wait
People: ALev, MGru, StevenC, JLam from MeSoHungry, RB and myself

Feelings: With StevenC's request, we met up at Diner in Williamsburg for Saturday brunch. The weather was just perfect, so the 40 minute wait did not bother us at all. We used our wait time pleasantly at their outside benches while sipping some drinks and taking maternity photos. The atmosphere of this place is really fantastic, and nothing beats dining inside an old diner car. I am sure my Americana obsessed mother will have a field day at this location. It is strange that Brooklyn hipsters and my mother have so many things in common. One finds the irony of Americana to be cool, and the other finds Americana exotic and interesting and tries to absorb it.

As we were seated, our friendly waitstaff explained the menu and even wrote down today's special on the table à la Macaroni Grill. All the specials involved meat, so I ordered the omelette ($10, with roasted potatoes) from the regular brunch menu. It was a beautifully assembled and folded omelette, but unfortunately it was over-salted. The potatoes were also well cooked and tasty but again, it was too salty. Why is most of "New American" restaurants serve sodium induced dishes? Is that what New American food is all about?

MGru did not particularly enjoy her French Toast ($10, with Bourbon and toffee sauce) either. She said it was not very sweet, so perhaps I might have enjoyed her dish. StevenC's burger with fries ($12) was just average, but he emphasized that he really enjoyed the atmosphere of this restaurant.

ALev, JLam and RB, the three pork musketeers ordered from the special, Pork Belly with scrambled baguette and eggs. ALev skipped the baguette and got the potatoes instead due to Passover observation. They thought the dish would be more extravagant, but it seemed more like thick bacon with eggs. The pork belly was delicious, but the eggs were runny (scrambled eggs should be solid) and again and again, over-salted.

The food here might be salty and overpriced, but it is a fun place to have brunch, especially on a nice day. I am not sure if I want to go back there, but I am certain your new Manhattanite friends who say, "I've always wanted to explore Williamsburg,"would really appreciate this place.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes...the salt issues. Why are the chefs always so heavy-handed? Just last week, I had a salad with salt sprinkled all over. I'm just so frustrated.

Yosh. O said...

seriously! Is it some scheme to make us all bloated?

Anonymous said...

Guess the chefs are taught that salt enhances flavor. One time, even when I specified to have the dressing on the side, it was still dressed and the kitchen wouldn't take it back. Ugh.