Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with StevenC

Feelings: It is yet time for another One on One with R&F. Previously, we interviewed ALev, MGru, RB, JLam, TrishP, BLee, GB, JBH, Jim, and most recently, JR from Rath & Co.

Today, we got a close up on StevenC, a LA native and quite a talented fashion photographer and creative branding guru. We are always exchanging info on sample sales, parties, and of course, food.

R&F: Who are you?
StevenC: I'm Steven C.
R&F: What do you do?
StevenC: Photographer & Creative Brand Consultant.
R&F: What do you do for fun?
StevenC: Explore the city - Ride my bike, go to films and art shows, find good food. Cut people's hair...
R&F: Where can we find you?
StevenC: Locked in my room, locked in my friend's gallery on Greene street, or locking eyes... with you! Sorry, I'm corny today.
R&F: Your blog or website?
StevenC: Photography:
Web & Brand Consulting:
R&F: Your favorite food?
StevenC: Chinese! The Meatball Shop, fried foods are a guilty pleasure.
R&F: Your favorite drink?
StevenC: It's between a chocolate milkshake, a mojito, or a taro milk tea.
R&F: Your favorite restaurant(s)?
StevenC: Vanessa's Dumplings in the LES, Pure Thai in HK, The Meatball Shop in LES, and my new discovery Cha Chan Tang in Manhattan Chinatown.
R&F: LA vs NY?
StevenC: Well... Chinese and Mexican and Korean is just so much better in LA.
R&F: Your most horrific food experience?
StevenC: Oh plenty - a bowl of barley goo (ie. "tsampa dessert" at Tsampa), allergic reactions again and again (until I finally learned my lesson) from cheap Chinatown food (not to be confused with the cheap Chinese food places outside of Chinatown). What are they putting in there! Some strange bulker. ick.
R&F: Your most memorable food outing?
StevenC: Taste Good in Elmhurst & Ocean Jewel Seafood Restaurant! Though Noodle Village had decent food too.
R&F: Do models really eat? What do they eat?
StevenC: Air molecules coming from my nice hot plate of food.
R&F: Tell me what you ate today.
StevenC: A 30 second spaghetti concoction I threw together in a Tupperware container as I ran out the door to work this morning. Hey now, I normally whip up a fancy tasting meal though.
R&F: Any message(s) for Ramen and Friends?
StevenC: Are there any amazing $15 and under buffets in this city? I grew up with like.. $5 endless bowl of tortilla soup, and endless bowl of fries from restaurant chains in Los Angeles. just wondering!
Oh ps. I do go for $3 frozen margaritas and pina coladas with free bean and cheese tortillas at Tequilas Mexican Grill in Chelsea!
Oh pps. Do you still remember how I have a food map plotted out of places to eat in NYC? Hahahah.
R&F: I'm still waiting for that food map.

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