Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolove 02-14-2011

Feelings: I have always hated the Valentine's Day. In Japan, where women are expected to be reserved, Valentine's Day is the one day for women to express their love for men by giving them chocolates. Forget that. Every day should be the expression of love regardless of how many times Patti Stanger says women should not be "the hunter." Besides, CK has been sick since last week, and with an ER scare, RB and I have not been in the mood for such a silly holiday.

But on this Valentine's Day, RB brought home two hopelessly romantic and incredibly cheesy chocolate bars called "Chocolove" from Garden of Eden. There is even a nifty love poem inside! Delicious high quality dark chocolate, love poems, and a bit of a laugh? What else can a girl want?

Happy Valentine's Day from Ramen and Friends!

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