Saturday, April 18, 2009

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with JBH

Feelings: Ramen and Friends got a close up on another talented writer, JBH! She has such a beautiful, big smile... always!

R&F: Who are you?
JBH: An enigma or as my husband and mother would agree quite spoiled.
R&F: What do you do? What do you do for fun? What do you really want to do?
JBH: For money I am an associate project editor and occasional ESL teacher. For kicks I am writing a novel and a short story collection as well as baking, reading, exercising or seeing a show with my mom. We just saw 'Hair' and it was amazing! I'd like to write and teach writing full-time though. I had a decent enough experience teaching teenage girls a few summers ago.
R&F: Where can we find you?
JBH: From 9:30a-5:30p, Mondays thru Fridays at work in Tribeca. Other times on my couch. I've made a nice little notch in there for myself.
R&F: Your blog/website?
JBH: I likes to keep it real.
R&F: What do you find most difficult when you are writing?
JBH: Keeping the story's flow moving to keep the reader enthralled through each page, paragraph, sentence, what-have-you. I always want readers to feel what I'm writing about.
R&F: Your favorite food?
JBH: Pizza! (If made properly) And most Italian pasta dishes. I love Italian food! I just made bolognese sauce from scratch for the first time in my life and my husband and I just can't get enough of it.
R&F: Your favorite drink?
JBH: I like the fruity stuff so the sweeter the better. I like Midori sours, strawberry or mango daiquiries, mimosas, and I'm a huge fan of Hornsby's Hard Cider.
R&F: Your favorite restaurant?
JBH: Just one?!? Well, I really like the Pasta Lovers in Forest Hills because of the large pasta servings, decent price, and good chicken options. I also enjoyed Mario Batalli's restaurant Babbo and I really like The Crooked Tree in the East Village as they make great crepes. There was a nice steak and fries place on Greenwich Street but that closed down a couple months ago. I also like Peep.
R&F: Your most memorable Ramen and Friends outing?
JBH: I have to say I enjoyed the one where we were introduced to The Dessert Truck. I have seen it several times since and always think of Ramen & Friends when I pass it.
R&F: Your most horrific food related experience?
JBH: Those have mainly taken place at chain restaurants. The worst have been at BBQ's in Time Sq. A friend had a big group go there for his birthday and the waitress was horrible. We waited over 45 minutes for our food and then the group argued about whether to give her a tip or not. She gave us attitude the whole time. And another time we had a waiter who was too busy flirting with young women to put in our order and openly stated so when my friend got her steak and I hadn't gotten my chicken dish yet. Plus they don't have a dessert menu! For your birthday they'll put a candle in cornbread and maybe, just maybe sing for you.
R&F: Tell me what you ate and drank today.
JBH: Today was an especially gluttonous day with several people (including myself) bringing in sweets to the office. I had four lemon butter cookies, a nice slice of butterscotch blondie with chocolate chips, a container of cantaloupe to detox, Honey Kix & yogurt for breakfast, and noodles w/ string beans for lunch. I'll be having a salad and a date with the elliptical for dinner.
R&F: Any comments for R&F?
JBH: I'm so glad I get to be a part of R&F on a monthly basis. I've found my niche! Foodies unite. That is all.

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