Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elmo 04-15-2009

Location: 156 7th Ave
Time: 1pm
People: DZ, FA and myself

Feelings: After many years later, old friends and coworkers reunited at this New American restaurant. The vibrant decor and meticulously groomed waiters screamed of Chelsea galore as we instantly sat at our booth comfortably under high ceilings and catchy music. I have been to this energetic place a couple of times for lunch, both times playing the safe card and ordering a veggie burger. It turned out they just recently changed their lunch menu, and I was not familiar with it at all. We looked through it from top to bottom, and we started off with guacamole and chips. The corn chips were perfectly crisp, and salsa and guacamole were smooth as well as beautifully presented. I never knew mushy things such as guacamole could look so appetizing on a white plate, but they managed to do it.

DZ and I both ordered sesame crusted tuna with miso-chili glaze and seaweed salad on the side. The sauce had some heat to it, but it complemented the medium-rare tuna quite well. The portion of tuna was large, so I wished I had ordered salad with seared tuna (salad niçoise) instead. Perhaps I would have been happier if the giant piece of protein was complimented with some sort of carb (can the noodle blogger get a little noodle over here?) But I suppose that may be too much to ask in this protein-centric world we live in. Such is my curse.

FA enjoyed his fried chicken with mashed potatoes (you can get carbs) expressing bluntly, "It's fried chicken. It is what it is." Touché!

We finished our relaxing lunch with a pecan brownie with pecan ice cream. The bottom of the brownie was burnt and solid as a rock, and we had to break it forcefully with various untencils to share it. It was delicious nonetheless. The ice cream was quite literal. It managed to be extremely icy and creamy at the same time, resulting in delicious texture, and I enjoyed every melting moment in my mouth.

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