Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Favorite Thing: SnapeaCrisps 04-14-2009

Feelings: Pea snacks are quite popular in Japan, and growing up in Osaka, I remember devouring batches of Tohato's "Beano" or Calbee's "Saya Endo." My mother was quite a health conscious woman, so she thought the bean crisps would be a suitable alternative to potato chips. Many years later, I noticed Calbee's Snapea at health food stores and realized that these are indeed the US version of Calbee's Saya Endo's. These delicious sun dried peas are sweet and salty. You would think they must be fried, but they are indeed baked. They have an interesting texture mix of crunchy and soft, and they somehow melt in your mouth after the first bite. They are as delicious as I remember. I thought I would rebel against my mother's choice for my childhood snack, but I would still choose Snapea over potato chips. Sorry Utz.

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