Sunday, March 29, 2009

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with MGru

Feelings: Ramen and Friends got a close up on our dessert guru, Ms. Sassy MGru!

R&F: Who are you?
MGru: I'm Sassy MGru!
R&F: What do you do? What do you do for fun?
MGru: I search for the unfindable: a good job in NYC. For fun, I scour the streets for good eats.
R&F: Where can we find you?
MGru: The gym. (I tell a lie.)
R&F: Your blog or website, or when are you thinking about starting the dessert blog!!??
MGru: Once I learn how to manipulate the interwebs (using more than just my basic HTML knowledge), then the world will come to know the bestest dessert blog EVAR!
R&F: Your favorite food?
MGru: My mind is boggled-- ONE food?! Can I go with one type of food? Is dessert a type of food even though you can't really subsist solely on it?
R&F: Your favorite restaurant?
MGru: How to choose among my babies?! I'll have to go with my tried and true, Grimaldi's.
R&F: Your most memorable Ramen and Friends outing?
MGru: Spripraphai Night. So many amazing dishes... so many amazing friends.
R&F: Your most horrific food related experience?
R&F: When ALev said that there was a small bulls eye on my meatloaf at Soda Shoppe in Tribeca... it turned out to be mold. My meal was done-ions.
R&F: Eeeeck! Your favorite drink when you are feeling sassy?
MGru: Pink Panties (pink lemonade, vodka, and cool whip-- mixed with ice in a blender)
R&F: Tell me what you ate today!
MGru: Almond vanilla granola, fluoride at the dentist's (I couldn't spit it all out), bahn mi sandwich, vegan "creamy" cauliflower soup with roasted mushrooms, lemon herbed marinated tofu sandwich layered with roasted vegetables and parsley-almond pesto, chocolate bread pudding with bacon creme anglaise.
R&F: Wait, did you go to dessert truck again?
MGru: I can't tell you how many times I've been back to Dessert Truck since our first trip there ever-so-long-ago. I just love it! And I find that the bacon creme anglaise can be more or less bacon-y depending on the day. Yesterday, very bacon-y, two weeks ago, not so much as a hint of bacon-- I think they lied to me that time.

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