Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bao Noodles 03-27-2009

Location: 391 Second Ave
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: Ramen and Friends' pro bono accountant, JT suggested we try this Bao 111's sister joint, Bao Noodles. It is located in the middle of nowhere (aka Gramercy), I thought it might be worth the long walk from the 6 train. The decor was very cute and casual, and the most important thing: it looked clean.

We started off with tofu summer rolls with Hoisin sauce. They were fresh and crunchy inside, and rice paper was perfectly sticky. To foreshadow the return of Bun and Associates, I ordered bun with vegetable spring rolls with much anticipation. The veggie spring rolls were quite crispy and flavorful and complimented the cold vermicelli noodles well.

Since he recently started watching his cholesterol, RB ordered one of their more healthy dishes, lemongrass steamed chicken. It was unimpressive but had good flavors although slightly bland. He stared at my juicy and flaky fried spring rolls with a big sigh.

Bao Noodles was very cozy and offered a decent variety of Vietnamese dishes, including the city's "it" food of the moment, bahn mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches). Their panna cotta is apparently very good as well, so I would love to go back there for dessert in the future.

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