Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Hour: Gossip Bar & Restaurant 03-26-2009

Location: 733 Ninth Ave
Time: 6pm
People: Go Smithsonian!

Feelings: My coworkers from Smithsonian Channel went to happy hour at Gossip Bar & Restaurant to boost the team spirit. The bar is a spacious Irish pub in Hell's Kitchen with an extremely relaxing ambiance, yet still maintains its classiness with cozy back room with fireplace and New-American menu. They have bar food staples like quesadillas, calamari, wings, and nachos as well as more unexpected dishes for a neighborhood bar such as duck breast, mini cordon bleu, chicken satay, and steamed mussels.

The fish and chips we ordered were fresh and flaky. It was no A Salt & Battery, but it was pleasant surprise for Happy Hour food nonetheless. The service was extremely accommodating, and they made sure we were liquored up (or watered up) at all times. My water glass was never empty for even five minutes.

I feel that the name of the bar does not go with the atmosphere for the place, but I would love to go back to this cozy and classy bar for happy hour with my wonderful coworkers some time soon.

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