Monday, July 28, 2008

Ippudo Night 07-17-2008

"Better be good if you are paying that much for ramen."

Location: Ippudo -65 4th Ave (I didn't know there was such thing as 4th ave)
Time: 7pm
People: Jason N, Chris E, Marg G, Rusty, RB and myself. (Ramen & Friends Meeting)

Feelings: Yes, this place is good. Good soup, good noodle, and the service is superb! They had 2 for 1 happy hour drink special, which made everyone enjoy their ramen even more. Decor was too chic for my ramen taste, however.

Post ramen dessert: Dessert Truck - St Marks and 8th St.
Feelings: Goat cheese cheesecake, bacon breadpudding!? Yes, they have amazing desserts. Not too sweet, not too heavy- just right, very chikalicious type dessert.

Other Feelings: Thank you Mr Bru for running out to get batteries for your prosumer camera.

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