Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with Me So Hungry

R&F: Who are you?
JLam: Jason Lam, Me So Hungry
R&F: What do you do? What do you do for fun?
JLam: Work in Television. For fun, make music, play in bands, follow Shaq's Tweet, flowbee my hair, learn how to pickup girls and read books on enlightenment.
R&F: Where can we find you?
JLam: Madison Square Park during lunch or at a Karaoke bar.
R&F: Your blog or website?
JLam: Me So Hungry -
R&F: Your favorite food?
JLam: Chinese style home cooking. pork spareribs with bitter melon, bak choy and Chinese sausage, pork belly, chicken & potato curry, cha sui bao (steamed BBQ pork buns)
R&F: Your favorite restaurant?
JLam: Taste Good because it's close to work and they have Chinese style home cooking that I can take to the park for lunch.
R&F: Your most memorable outing?
JLam: White Castle for Valentine's Day.
R&F: Your most horrific food related experience?
JLam: Jekyll & Hyde on Valentine's Day.
R&F: What do you find most difficult when you are food blogging?
JLam: Trying everything I want to try in one sitting.
R&F: I also struggle with that. Tell me what you ate today.
JLam: Sloppy Bao from Baoguette in Murry Hill. It's like a Sloppy Joe version of Vietnamese Banh Mi.