Monday, March 30, 2009

Q&A with R&F: Exclusive One on One with ALev

Feelings: Ramen and Friends got a close up on our chamber pop rock star, Mr. ALev!

R&F: Who are you?
ALev: ALev.
R&F: What do you do? What do you do for fun?
ALev: I’m a musician – I write and sing and play the trumpet. I have a band, Mappa Mundi which plays my weird Chamber Pop compositions. I also love social eating and drinking.
R&F: Go Mappa Mundi! Where can we find you?
ALev: You can find me in Brooklyn, at the piano or trumpet.
R&F: Your blog or website?
ALev: Mappa Mundi’s site is:
R&F: Your favorite food?
ALev: I love curries, and noodles, and huaraches, and banh mi, and smoked fish in any form. Dessert = apple pie, with a crumble top, caramel, and vanilla ice cream.
R&F: Your favorite restaurant?
ALev: Rosewater. Hanco’s. Or the Red Hook taco vendors.
R&F: Your most memorable Ramen and Friends outing?
ALev: That’s tough. Maybe I should list the most memorable things ordered: Thousand Year Old Egg, Jellied Duck’s Blood, Shredded Crispy Fish and pork buns with no pork. Sadly no one got the turtle blood infused sake. I may regret that for the rest of my life.
R&F: Your most horrific food related experience?
ALev: I once got this green curry from my then-favorite Thai place, Tuk Tuk (sadly no more). It was so hot it took me out for a week. I don’t think I ever really recovered.
R&F: Your favorite drink when you are making music?
ALev: Scotch. But recently I’ve been into bourbon. And sake. And well-made, classic cocktails.
R&F: Tell me what you ate today.
ALev: Granola, salami sandwich with provolone, hummus, leaves, and olive tapenade, a banana, and some tea. Oh and coffee cake that was yummy.

You can catch Mappa Mundi's next show @ Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Bklyn/ Tuesday, April 14th/ 11pm. They will be performing at Hebrew School's record release party. Fun!

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