Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Philip Marie Brunch 03-29-2009

Location: 569 Hudson Street
Time: 12pm
People: RB, MGru, ALev, JLam from MeSoHungry and myself

Feelings: My co worker, FF, told me about $16.95 brunch with unlimited Bloody Marys at Philip Marie, so I made a reservation right away. This nourishing promotion of "unlimited drinks with brunch" seems to be a trend for a struggling restaurant scene nowadays. An Aussie style restaurant, Bondi Road in LES also attracts large Brunch crowds with similar offers.

I listened to FF's suggestion and made a reservation for noon, which seemed a bit early for Sunday brunch. The place was still half empty then, so we had the wait staff's full attention during our meals, with is essential when you have unlimited drinks. But FF was right about going there early: At 1pm sharp, it turned into a bustling establishment of younger, quite attractive women. I suppose this is where young women of NYC have brunch to chat about their possibly wild night before.

MGru and JLam's unlimited Bloody Marys lived up to its name: It kept coming unlimited-ly. As soon as MGru had three or four sips, the waitstaff brought her another glass. She pointed out that this must be a trick for a quick table turnaround, but the waiter never pressured us to leave or hurry.

Despite his shellfish allergies, JLam ordered crab cake benedict. He enjoyed it and spent the rest of his day without any inflammations. He either conquered the shellfish allergies or three large glasses of Bloody Marys somehow helped. ALev and I both enjoyed the wholesome and well seasoned skillet potatoes that came on the sides of our crab cake benedict and veggie omelet. However, my veggie omelet was unsettling. It was overcooked outside and a bit runny inside, which is the worst combination for any omelet. Since I don't drink alcohol, I had to wash it down with decently flavored skillet potatoes and coffee that somehow smelt a bit like bacon. RB enjoyed his mahi mahi fish and chips. The fish was cripsy and flaky, but the freshly cut fries were a bit too soggy for fish and chips. They were tasty nonetheless.

For a bargain recession brunch, the place was very classy, and the bathroom was spotlessly clean. The food might be mediocre, but the portions were large, and the delightful atmosphere and very pleasant staff were ideal for Sunday brunch in West Village. This would be a perfect place for people who can enjoy Bloody Marys one after another to wash down their mediocre food for a casual sunday converstation.

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