Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Things My Parents Liked 05-22-2011

Feelings: 12 days with my parents, an 11 month old baby, RB and I in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn-- How did I manage? On May 21st at 6:01pm, I found myself disappointed that the world did not end! Fortunately, my parents and I caught laryngitis of some sort, so we did not have the luxury of arguing. In the end, the food brought us together.

Here's the list of places they enjoyed, followed by their quotes:

1) Yemen Cafe "So freakin' flavorful."
2) Francois Payard Bakery "The pear tart was the best."
3) Hibino "Tastes like from a high end restaurant in Kyoto."
4) Van Leeuwen on Bergen Street "Great cup of coffee, and they were playing Tom Waits."
5) Garden of Eden, Trader Joe's and Atlantic Fruits and Veg "Great buffet at Garden of Eden, cheap beer at TJ's and fabulous produce at Atlantic Fruit and Veg."
6) Growler station at American Beer Distributing Company "There was this handsome guy who looked like young John Wayne who kept giving me tastings of different beers. It was awesome, but the second time we went back, he wasn't there, and I was sad." said Dad.
7) 5 Burro Cafe "Delicious burritos and salsa fresca. Tomatoes were extra tasty and fresh." -- Ramen and Friends' review to come!
8) HopHap "It wasn't too spicy or greasy. Perfect Thai for Japanese people."
9) Brucie "Very rich and refined flavor."
10) Van Horn "Meticulously assembled sandwiches. We lost CK's shoe there. If anyone sees a brown shoe in that vicinity, contact Yosh.Ok."


Mina said...

HAHA I love your dad. The young John Wayne comment is my favorite.

Yosh. O said...

He often compares people to John Wayne, Chuck Norris, or Charles Bronson!

Helen said...

Your parents can recognize Tom Waits songs? They're so cool!

Yosh. O said...

Haha... tom waits is huuuge in Japan, almost as big as Dylan.