Thursday, May 19, 2011

Petit Cheese Kit Kat 05-12-2011

Feelings: Thanks to the daily dosage of probiotic and various vitamins, I usually never catch cold, even though CK attends daycare (otherwise known as the viral petri dish). But the stress of my parents staying at our apartment seemed to have lowered my immune system. This cold is a nasty one. I cannot smell or taste, which is indeed catastrophic when it comes to a food blogger, especially one who delights in subtle flavors. Even my favorite rice burger from Fultummy's tastes like a bland plate of Olive Garden slop.

The last flavor I remember was Petit Cheese Kit Kat my mother brought from Japan. (For those of you who love the unique Japanese Kit Kat flavors, check out other reviews by clicking "Kit Kat" under categories on the right.) The box contains six individually wrapped, white chocolate covered Kit Kat. As I bit into it, the white chocolate layer overpowered the palate, making me wonder where the cheese is in this snack. A few seconds later, a chalky, cheddar like flavor lingered. Cheese and chocolate, in this case, did not mix very well. The saltiness of cheese and the chocolate mixed well, but the chalkiness and the pungent smell of cheddar was an unpleasant one.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon. This cannot be the last flavor I remember.


Mina said...

I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER TOO <3 I was immediately intrigued by the title of this review. My instinctual reaction was 'gross! chocolate and cheese?' so it's funny that you say the kit kats smelled bad... which they shouldn't, one would think.

Yosh. O said...

Now I can't even smell the bad smell of Cheese Kit Kat! Sadness.