Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Atlantic Antic 09-26-2010

Location: Atlantic Ave. BK
Time: 1pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: It is that time of the year again. The time for the largest street fair in the city, Atlantic Antic. As soon as I was woken up by the street noise instead of a crying baby early in the morning, I knew the day had come. RB noticed that there was more presence from Red Hook this year, especially around Hicks and Henry streets. Since it is a trek to head down to Red Hook, it is a welcoming addition to this ever crowded street fair. I do not recommend the food from the stereotypical street fair vendors here (sausage and peppers truck I'm looking at you), but it is the best way to try out new flavors from local restaurants for under $10.

We tried the fish chowder and fish taco from Kevin's in Red Hook. The chowder was not overly creamy and just the right consistency with a nice depth of flavor. The taco was incredibly fresh and had a sophisticated flavor. They sold me with these two items, and I am now ready to visit their restaurant.

Since Steve's AUTHENTIC Key Lime Pies from Red Hook also had their tent, we treated ourselves with our favorite, Swingle, a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick. The combination of tartness from the key lime filling and bitter sweet chocolate was irresistible.

Many of us Brookynites are quite skeptical about Atlantic Antic due to the crowds and noise, but it might not be so bad after all. In the end, I was able to experience Red Hook without the 61 bus.

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