Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Steve's AUTHENTIC Key Lime Pies 09-06-2009

Location: 204 Van Dyke St.
Time: 4pm
People: OSha, RB and myself

Feelings: I fell in love with Red Hook. Its eclectic mixture of industrial and artist community gives this neighborhood such an exciting yet laid back atmosphere. There are several bistros and bars, and of course, you cannot ignore Steve's AUTHENTIC Key Lime Pies!

I spent my high school and college years in Florida, so I remember what authentic key lime pies taste like. So when Osha took us to this key lime adventure, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But as we got closer to the place, I saw random kitschy key lime signs and bright colors that reminded me of Florida Keys. Was I still in Red Hook or was I back in Florida?

We tried their "Swingle," a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick ($5), accompanied with a limeade. I must have been back in Florida. The semi bitter chocolate went perfectly with the smooth taste of key lime filling. It was not overly sweet or too milky and had a nice tart flavor. I don't usually enjoy key lime pies with too much condensed milk and eggs, so this was just perfect. The unique tang and tart flavors of the key limes dominated my palate. And the fresh limeade completely cleansed the tang aftertaste away. (although it was not an unpleasant aftertaste) I could have this limeade everyday! As for the crust, it was unfortunately hard for me to taste because of the chocolate outer layer.

I can't stop thinking about the Swingle. I wonder when I can go back to Red Hook to get another taste of it. Perhaps the charm is in the distance you must go to get the key lime pie. The better things in life are worth a long journey. Such is true with this pie.

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