Friday, September 11, 2009

Healthy Vegetarian Food Cart 09-07-2009

Location: 52nd St/6th Ave.
Time: 12:30pm
People: Showtime Ops! Sa-Sha, PeeWee, BeBe, AP and myself

Feelings: We decided to take a vegetarian cart adventure during our lunch hour. There was not a long line at all until we, five of us, got there. Many carts could look a bit intimidating, but this one gave a very friendly vibe with their cute sign and menu on the truck. I still have a problem going to a cart by myself, but I did not have any problem with this one. It also helped that everyone at the cart is very friendly with big smiles. At other carts, I usually have a feeling that I might get yelled at, so this is a nice rarity.

Their food buffet was quite reasonable at $6 for four sides or $3 for two sides. I tried veggie burger (made from brown rice and lentils in soy protein), whole wheat pasta, tofu scramble, and mashed yam. I could also choose one sauce out of two, tomato or ginger sauce. I picked the ginger since they presented it as if it was a hot commodity.

It was a LOT of food. I realized then that I should have gotten the two sides instead. Even for the two sides, they give you a rather large container full of food, so I hope you are really hungry when you are stopping at this cart.

Vegan PeeWee asked them, "Does yam have any dairy in it?" They said no, it has absolutely nothing in it. And they were right, the mashed yam had nothing in it except yam. It had no salt or seasonings, but it went very well with the tangy ginger sauce. The veggie burger was a bit mushy but had a good flavor. I recommend not getting the pasta. Pasta just isn't a very good cart food, in my humble opinion. My favorite of all was tofu scramble. It was savory goodness with good texture, and the ginger sauce gave more depth to the flavor.

$3 two sides, possibly with veggie burger and tofu scramble, will definitely be my lunch staple. It is hard to find filling and cheap vegan/vegetarian food in midtown, so I am glad to see Healthy Vegetarian Food cart is here!


Gar said...

does it really say $3 for 2 sides? I wouldn't really trust their 'veggie patties', but I would order a side of brown rice since mine never comes out fluffy. Don't know how the restaurants do it?!

How's the business doing? I'd imagine not as long a line like the falafel carts, so I hope this cart would do well.

Yosh. O said...

Yes, it is $3 for 2. Business seems to be doing well since I go there almost everyday :)

Yosh. O said...
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nicolette said...

the veggie pattie is definitely vegetarian - i had it last week and it's all rice, lentils, chickpeas - absolutely no sign of meat.